This week I have been…

Creating… a craft cabinet for all of our craft supplies, which are used regularly by our children for creating art, craft and design projects.  They love it, and since we no longer have ‘screen time’ in the mornings at the weekend, they can often be found sat at the table creating, sometimes in silence on their own, sometimes nattering together or listening to music, all whilst we have a much needed lie-in or in-bed-catch-up (no innuendoes thank you!) with a nice cup of tea! They amaze me at what they create, I bloomin’ love it!  Here are yesterday’s creations:

creative art and craft for kids

Glittery dino

creative kids ideas

Barcelona badge

children's craft ideas

Life cycle of a flower

happy creative kids


Here’s the craft cabinet:

organised craft supplies for kids, best art and craft cabinet for kids


The craft supplies in each drawer are:

Paper, card (different colours, sizes and textures)

Pens, pencils, colours, felts

Scissors, glue, sellotape, hole punch, paper fasteners, stapler (teach how to use safely)

Blank cards and envelopes

Lollypop sticks

Pipe cleaners

Felt scraps

Fabric scraps






Googly eyes

Funky tapes




Tip: keep paint and glitter in either a locked container in the cabinet or somewhere out of their reach, so that they have to come to you to be able to use it and so then you are aware that they are using it and enable appropriate use (such as on a tray or newspaper, so that the excess glitter can be poured back into the containers).   I’m quite laid back about mess, but realised I could make the clean up easier for everyone by monitoring glitter and paint use.



Experimenting…with the challenging of not buying anything new for three months.  In a simplicity/minimalist blog I was reading recently, a family is doing a year long challenge of not buying anything new for that time.  My husband thinks it’s a bit gimmicky and prefers this idea:

Waiting one month between thinking you need/want to buy something (a large-ish purchase) and actually buying it. (from Clutterfree with Kids, Joshua Becker, author of the blog Becoming Minimalist.

I have personally decided to challenge myself to not buy anything new for one month with a view to repeating it again for the next month and so on.  Whichever route one chooses I just like the shift in thinking that it creates.  From the default switch being set to buy (and think about it afterwards), to being set to don’t buy (and think about what else you could do to get what you need or achieve what it is you need the item for, could you borrow it or buy it second hand).  You get me?  Hope so.

Book clu

Setting…up a book club.  I used to be in a book club but then we moved away from the area.  I really enjoyed my time in the club, I met some lovely, interesting people and read some truly great books that I would not otherwise have thought to pick up.  After trying to find an already established book club in our current area and finding that they’re all full, I’ve decided to set one up myself.  There’s tonnes of help and guidance online on how to go about doing it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a smashing bank holiday weekend!

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Just under a year ago I came across a blog called Becoming Minimalist when I was doing some research on: what Christmas means to me and how I want it to evolve in our family.  (I wanted to actively move away from consumerism and materialism).  I have always felt that I don’t want to blindly follow society without questioning if it’s right for me and our family.  The ideas and message in the Becoming Minimalist blog really spoke to me.  In the months since, I’ve learned more and more about this subject, through reading books, websites and blogs.

I’m aware that ‘minimalism’ could be the next fad, but there’s no doubt that it has had a positive impact on my life so far. For me the whole philosophy is about valuing experiences and people over things.

Early on I shared what I was reading with my husband and he instantly felt that it reflected his values and desires too (luckily).  The theme of minimalism and simplicity now permeates every part of our life, everything is easier and guess what?…..simpler.


Books I have read and recommend on the subject:

Clutterfree with Kids, Joshua Becker

Simplicity, Joshua Becker

The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide, Francine Jay



Websites I recommend:

Becoming Minimalist


The art of simple

Be more with less



Simple Life Together


The change that has had the biggest impact on me so far:

Project 333


I hope all this sparks your interest like it did mine,  and you find joy, fun and fulfilment in your journey too!


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This week I have been…

Reading… The Book Lovers by Victoria Connelly, a simple, uplifting, wholesome, lovely read, I’m enjoying it.


Planning… My kitchen garden.  (Ha Ha, I have three small raised beds! but I just like the sound of that: my kitchen garden, it makes me happy).  Anyway, yes we are going to try growing what we actually like eating and what we buy each week.  So first on my list is beetroot, apparently really easy to grow, we can eat it fresh and pickle it too, so quite versatile.  Next is cherry tomatoes, which the kids eat like sweets, we will grow ‘Tumbling Tom’ in hanging baskets, planting three plants in each basket and this year I WILL water them EVERY day, and hopefully we’ll get some lovely fruit.  Next there’s peas, again we eat them purely as snacks, raw, they don’t even tend to make it into the house, let alone into a pan to be cooked!  I’ll grow salad leaves in pots on the patio, one of the pots I’ll re-sew every couple of days to get a continuous supply and another pot I’ll sew ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves.

Garden planner

We have a blueberry bush in a pot and I will plant three raspberry plants in a pot too, although I’m confused as to when I should be doing this?!

I’m tempted by carrots too, because apparently their flavour is sooooo different when home grown compared with shop bought.  Let me know if you have any other (easy) recommendations.  I’ve just joined a gardening club, which meets once a month, it’s a class run by a professional horticulturist, I have attended my first session and we all came away with a Dahlia tuber which we planted up whilst there, it has just in the last couple of days germinated and has sprouted a little shoot, it never ceases to amaze me how something so shrivelled and dead looking can do that!!!

Loving… Minimalism in our home, and simplicity in our life, luckily my husband is fully on board with this and the kids are embracing it too.  I am going to write a separate post on this soon, so look out for that.

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Woman layed in

This week I have been…

Reading…Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris.  A psychological thriller.  I read a bit of it then thought, oh this is going to be too graphic and upsetting, so I put it down.  The next day I picked it up again and finished it, it wasn’t either of those things, just really good.

Watching…The film The Notebook.  I loved the main story played by Ryan Gosling (yum) and Rachel McAdams, but could have done without the extra bit, reminding me of just how crap life can actually be!

Loving…Magnolia’s, it’s magnolia season, in the car the kids and I play: see how many magnolias we can spot (rock n’ roll!).  But I do love them, they’re beautiful, I particularly love the deep pink variety called ‘Susan’.

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