This week I have been….

Reconnecting…we’ve finally moved back into our OWN house after three years of planning and executing our renovation!  Our dream has always been to have a sunny, open, light family space that is understated and simple and which enables us to just live simply and enjoy life and each other with minimal fuss and we’ve done it.  We have spent our time and money on the design rather than expensive, flashy stuff and it was definitely the right thing for us to do.  It’s exactly what we wanted.  Now we can just enjoy it.


Listening to… the Desert Island Disks Podcast.  Thanks to Emma Louise Trotter of The Life Edit for reminding me just how great it is, she wrote her own: Desert Island Disks and it is superbly written, she is one cool, inspiring young lady and entrepreneur (what she doesn’t know about social media and blogging is not worth knowing!)  Well, thanks and I’m addicted to it and you will be too.  Download the podcast and search for your favourite person.  It transforms a boring journey or bathroom cleaning session into an education and an inspiration!  Judy Dench, Stephen Fry, Guy Garvey, Mary Portas, a-maz-ing.

Desert Island Disks podcast on Iphone with a cup of tea

Reminding…myself to choose simplicity and enjoy my children while they’re still young enough to want to spend time with us.  We were sat having dinner tonight after a full week of school, ready to begin half term.  We had all finished eating, J went to make a quick phone call and I was about to spring up in ‘let’s get this mess cleared up sharpish’ mode, when I stopped myself, focussed on the present moment, reminded myself of what’s important and decided to just listen to my children tell me about themselves and their day, without judgement.  I really listened, it was lovely.  It was a special part of today, and so simple, just connecting and listening.  Every other meaningless task really can wait.



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