1. Colleen Rocha

    I’ve been going They this for 4 years. My child just turned 11. I’m gonna go crazy. Took her to a child phycoligist, didn’t really help cause I was doing the things already she told me to do. I started on my own “I will be back in 10 min” and gave her a clock. nownthe clock is a crutch cause she’s laying their freaking out I’m not gonna come in (which I do) and freaking out she’s gonna be the last one awake cause it’s 11!!! 😔 I don’t know what to do

  2. I’ve been meaning to come back and comment on this post, I used the ten-minute-return rule for a week or two with my youngest and she liked it. Disturbed sleep is surprisingly common in older children. A really useful post!

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