Just under a year ago I came across a blog called Becoming Minimalist when I was doing some research on: what Christmas means to me and how I want it to evolve in our family.  (I wanted to actively move away from consumerism and materialism).  I have always felt that I don’t want to blindly follow society without questioning if it’s right for me and our family.  The ideas and message in the Becoming Minimalist blog really spoke to me.  In the months since, I’ve learned more and more about this subject, through reading books, websites and blogs.

I’m aware that ‘minimalism’ could be the next fad, but there’s no doubt that it has had a positive impact on my life so far. For me the whole philosophy is about valuing experiences and people over things.

Early on I shared what I was reading with my husband and he instantly felt that it reflected his values and desires too (luckily).  The theme of minimalism and simplicity now permeates every part of our life, everything is easier and guess what?…..simpler.


Books I have read and recommend on the subject:

Clutterfree with Kids, Joshua Becker

Simplicity, Joshua Becker

The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide, Francine Jay



Websites I recommend:

Becoming Minimalist


The art of simple

Be more with less



Simple Life Together


The change that has had the biggest impact on me so far:

Project 333


I hope all this sparks your interest like it did mine,  and you find joy, fun and fulfilment in your journey too!


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    • Fiona

      Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to get a comment from you. I am LOVING your podcasts, I listen to them around the house, in the car and on my morning walk (which you inspired me to do). Are you still doing podcasts?

      • Awe, thanks Fiona! Thanks so much for listening in. Yes, we’re still doing podcasts but very sporadically right now. With all the prep for our move, building the house, etc, we just had to take a break and prioritize what we were going to take on during this season of life. Candidly, we really miss doing the show, and Vanessa and I often say “We need to talk about ______ on the next show.” Anyhoos (as Vanessa would say), keep simplifying and sharing your story. It’s so inspiring to others and something you share may be just the spark they need to get started on their own life-changing journey. And keep up those morning walks! 🙂

        – Dan

        • Fiona

          Very briefly (as I know you are very busy), you and Vanessa should take a look at my ‘Laundry’ post, featuring a great video of a trouble shooting mum on youtube, who has really given the laundry room some serious organisational thought! As have I, because we too have just created our own home and are moving back in in two weeks time, I wanted to create a hard working laundry room. I’ve had great feedback from the post. Vanessa is the queen of organising so she may have it all planned out already though (if you guys have done any podcasts on this subject please let me know which number).

          Thanks again, Fiona

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